42 days in USA

Hands full with planning the trip of my life to the USA, also I was writing my diploma thesis, that is done now but still the plan of the trip is somehow done.

Map of USA roundtrip.

42 days in total. That’s what I have and in that time I plan to cover 5309 miles (8494 km). From Prague to New York and back by plane and then on my own. Where do I plan to stop during the trip?

To be honest I would love to stop at every place and visit every city. The thrill of planning this trip, even when I’m writing this article is filling me with energy. I would love to make this trip partly from visiting cities but most of all I want to see the nature and Yellowstone!

NewYork to Yellowstone route plan.

First part of the journey starts in New York City, where I plan to stay for 8 days. From there I will be heading to Buffalo and to Niagara falls, than to Chicago. Plan to visit the city, rent a car and head to Milwaukee and the lakes around. Plan is to visit the interesting parts and through North Dakota end up in Yellowstone. And there I would love to camp for a week with my camera ready for every possibility.

Yellowstone to NewYork  route plan.

Second part will point from Yellowstone to the Simpsons. Oh yes the Springfield in Illinois is on the way back to Chicago so… kind of must see thing. In Chicago return the car and go on to Washington and then to Ocean city. A little bit of relax on local Maryland beaches and on the way back through Philadelphia to end the inadequate 42 days in New York.

I’m so much excited and all of you, that can’t go I plan to take in my mind.
Caen Ragestorm

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