7 days in New York – What to see?

Map - New York CityNew York is a town that offers so much to visit. You are not able to visit everything just in 7 days in New York. Empire state building, Madison square garden, Times square, Central park, various museums and other interesting buildings, streets and squares. It is a lot to see.

I have a plan to be for 3 to 4 days on Manhattan, and than a day in Bronx, Queens and a day at Staten island. The rough layout of the plan looks like this:

First and second day

Immediately I want to go to city hall at first day, than wall street and than continue to the world trading center. Next to it is a museum dedicated to the disaster of September 11. After that I plan to visit the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge and Brooklyn Heights Promenade.
Second day I plan to stay around Central park. Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side, two Museums and Ellis Island.

Third and fourth day

In the beginning I plan the monumental iconic Empire state building visit. There is also public library in the area and from there it’s close to the Grand Central Terminal, around Morgan library straight to the Chrysler building. And just few steps from there is the St. Patrick’s cathedral. I also plan to use the Circle line Cruise around Manhatten if I have enough money. After the cruise there is the visit of Bryans park, Lexington Avenue and at the end the Times square.
The next day starts at High line continues with Madison square garden and Herald square followed by the visit of Rockefeller’s Center and the Museum of modern art. Riverside park is left after all of this and than straigh on Broadway.

And the rest three days?

After so much of all this sightseeing there must be some active relaxation on Staten Island. Beach, nature and so on. Day after that I would like to visit the Yankee Stadium and the zoo in Bronx. Last day before the journe to Niagarra falls I would like to spent in Queens with a stop on Coney Island.


The Manhatten sightseeing is captured with the maps bellow. 7 days in New York are included in the whole trip plan of the 44 days journey and it is available for you in a draft version right HERE.

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