Dealing with melancholy

Some of you know very well what I’m talking about. The weather is changing from autumn to winter and you feel somehow desperate and melancholic. The only thing you wanna do is to just lay in the bed under the blanket. How to deal with it and how to get rid of this melancholy?

In my mind there was an idea to shoot a video for you.But the true is that i just went out to do what i love, something that fulfills me. So i took a camera and my photographic equipment and i went to Stirin.

When the weather breaks and the body is filled with this cold, its really important to stay positive.Surround yourself with close ones and do whatever you like to do. Whether it’s sport, a trip, a ride, a movie or some music. It’s up to you, you just have to try and i believe that you will get into it.

For a motivation here are some photos from Stirin and its surroundings.

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