42 days in USA – Travelbook USA

Travelbook USA, photos, summary of the day. All this in my personal unique form. Enjoy the reading.

Day 1

Clouds under the airplane

I think I look like the biggest tourist, like the one you will laugh to as a local resident. I feel like Alice in a wonderland, but I’m getting used to it and I found the way from the airport. Subway is mental, but they have wi-fi. The flight was long and exhausting, but Delta airlines have amazing services. So much food… Before the landing it was a bit wiggle wiggle. And than after a short walk around New Jersey Elizabth I bought a beer, got it in a paper bag and went to rest.

Day 2

Manhattan panorama

Despite I made some erorrs like forgetting extra battery I just love it here. I had to change my plans a little bit and I had to walk three subway stations before I found one with a human person that sold me a 7 day unlimited ticket. Despite all that I saw New York city hall, Wall street, One world center and part of Brooklyn with it’s promenade. It’s an amazing view on Manhatten from there. All was finished with walk over the Brooklyn bridge with an afterwalk on Upper east side.

Day 3

Statue of Liberty

Third day was quite in a rush. I didn’t truly believe that you can spend so many good time in central park and also that Ellis island has so much history to offer and for free. So this all leads to the feeling that I was not able to see everything, but that’s quite a normal feeling. But you definetaly can spend whole day just in central park and chillin and the ferry to liberty island and Ellis island is worth the money. I really enjoyed this day so much even if I’m so tired and was in town till half past six. And K-Mart is great. And all the other funny things. I think I will not be able to remember even the all events of a single day!

Day 4

Times square

So many photos that it has to be the classy one… Today was a bit in a chill mode. No hurry no rush. In the morning the Empire state building, where there is no price info till you are buying the tickets, which btw is 35 dollars, which I refused to pay. Than library, Grand central terminal and Chrysler building. And than I watched an amateur league baseball match in central park, which was fun. The finish line for today was Times square and I had a bad experience there. Don’t you dare to talk to the black guys, that wants to shake your hand. Just ignore them or say that you don’t want anything. It didn’t take 30 seconds and i had two music cd’s in my hand and two men wanted 10 dollars each.

Day 5

Bee on flower

When I woke up today, my thoughts were that I’m kinda sick of New York. All in all I’m more comfortable in nature. But since I started at The High line it wasn’t that bad. Than I went to the Modern art museum, which was nice and offered not only modern art (thank god). And after lunch I was just walking through broadway in the biggest hot ever. Starbucks saved me with an ice Vanilla late and for the first time they get my nickname right (after I spelled it twice). Ended up in riverside park and than was on my way home.

Day 6

The second July was a saturday and i have decided to relax in Jersey. I found an apartment in Buffalo and Chicago and I also pointed out some Chicago landmarks. Also find out that on main road is like !0 gas stations in one block.

Day 7


Queens is the most amazing district in New York. Nowhere is it so beautifull, so nice and clean and so good smelly. I spent there several hours. To Queens I also used the classic subway that is up not down, like the old time movies. I get around Mets stadium into the Flushing Meadows Corona park. There is so much to do…. Soccer fields, Us open tennis courts a pool and so much more. And than when you go through all of that, you end up at meadows lake, which is so amazing. Also queens has amazing houses and architecture and its so clean. I simply love this place.

Day 8 & 9

I kinda overslept the day 8 and then it was like spend 5 hours travelling for a hour on Staten island? Not worth it, so I packed myself and the next day I went out from NY to Buffalo.

Day 10

Mckinley monument

Buffalo is a small city, where you can visit everything amazing just in one day. But it is really nice and neat and I like it here. I have done several miles on foot, because I had plenty of time. I was really close to Canada, close like I was able to see Canada. Than I went downtown, went to canal side and I also visited the navy museum with it’s two battleships and one submarine just for 12 dollars. It was really nice and it took me almost three hours to go through all that it offers. Quite a nice day in a relaxed tempo.

Day 11

Niagara waterfalls

Well the buses in Buffalo aren’t very precise, but what can you expect for 2 dollars. Anyway the trip to Niagara waterfalls was amazing. Definitely spent there a whole day, take the boat, it cost’s only 18$ and it’s such a funny experience. There is so much different view points and so much hike trails. Fun fact on the end, I kinda have to hotfix my right boot with ducktape.

Day 12 & 13

Trying to just kill the time might be fun. Well it kinda was but in Buffalo there is not so much to do on the third day there. I visited north buffalo with some beautiful housing district and met an amazing 60 year old man called Elijah. We had a nice talk, despite I was a little bit afraid that a strange guy sit to me, but it showed up that he was a very intelligent and interesting black man. Than I took the night bus to Chicago and here I’m. I already managed to go swimming at Michigan’s lake.

Day 14

Chicago buildings

On my way to Chicago I met Juno! She is such an amazing girl and we were going through the Chicago today and it was such a good time and it was so funny! We started at Magnificent Mile, Navy pier, Cloud gate and all the way around the lake through the food festival to the Adler’s planetarium. Also we tried the amazing Deep dish pizza, which is a pizza with a lot of cheese and the gravy on its top. It’s really good and it’s a Chicago speciality. Such an amazing day, thanks Juno.

Day 15

Chicago riverside

It was another great day in Chicago with Juno. We took the walk around the river, where I did a little birthday surprise for Juno. After riverside we went around Willis tower and Rookery building. We have also visited the Chicago Union station and the hockey and Basketball stadium with its fan store. And the rest of the afternoon we were trying to put together a Holand royal family puzzle in Harold Washington library.

Day 16

Tiger in Zoo

The last day I started at Wrigley Stadium, the home of Chicago Cubs (They have really cute logo, so I bought a shirt). After that I went to Lincoln Park, where is a Botanical/Bird garden and also a Zoo. And the Zoo is for free so I went in and see some cool animals like a tiger, lion and penguins. Also went through Second city and again through the Milenium mile while I was searching for some gifts. I ended up in Water tower center, which is basically a shopping mall and than I went packing my stuff.

Day 17

And it’s f**ked up. I’m screwed. Car reservation is useless because America works on loans. They don’t get the concept of using the money that I earned. Enterprise refuses my card, so did Alvis and the Rent a Wreck with a 1200$ price is just ridiculous. And I went through several blocks in rain. Everything is soaking wet and I had nowhere to go. Juno is a hero and saved me. She took me to her place, offered me a hot shover and helped me with laundry. I love europe and america? You suck with all your credit cards!

Day 18

Hundai Accent

I got a car. Out of nowhere it’s not a problem anymore with the Hertz company. Yesterday I got a tip in the rental company that if I will call the hotline they will be able to help me. And they really did, so I went to the rental company that give me the tip and the guy also said that he does not have any cars available. But the lady on the phone make the reservation saying that he have. And he had (lying moron XD) Anyway I went to Milwaukee that was super foggy and visited the Harley&Davidson museum. I also find a place to sleep over for free (carlot at Caspen company – such an amazing store).The car is running so fine.

Day 19 & 20

Leach lake sunset

On the road, driving mile after mile after mile. At day 19 I finished up at Leach lake reservation and I found a camp at lake Winnibigoshish (High Banks resort). I paid 20$ for totally disgusting toilet and shower room and for sleeping in the car. This place is super for fishing and boats and RV’s but not for camping!!! But the lake is amazing.
Day 20 means I’m going through the whole North Dakota. It is over 450 miles straight through up&down terrain. So boring and so hard to concentrate. By luck and with good concentration on signs I end up at astonishing rest area with an overlook on Theodore Roosevelt National Park. And there I overslept for free with an astonishing viewpoint behind me.

Day 21

Badlands wild horses

When I woke up at such a beautiful place, I decided to spend the morning on a trail deeper into the Badlands. And it was such an adventure. The nature is so amazing, the lands are missing water but still. I managed to meet a heard of wild horses while I was constantly looking for snakes. The trail was very badly signed, because the wind had blown all the signs down. So inevitably I decided at one place that I’m way too far and I took an animal trail to make a shortcut… I got lost…. It took me half an hour through rough terrain and I also fell two times but I rejoined the original trail and managed to get back safely. And then I did some usual driving.

Day 22

Yellowstone sign

I have reached Yellowstone national park. The main goal of this trip! It is so awesome! I spent here only an afternoon and I already saw a coyote, buffalo, small deer, something like gazelle, a chipmunk and a mighty black bear. Also I have seen some of the nature, the old part where first rangers have lived and the Mammoth hot springs. And I didn’t really felt good…. Got a sore throat…. Anyway it was over 1600 miles of driving and I can’t sleep in the park. Camps are full and I had to drove out off the park.

Day 23


I’m still shocked of all the beauty and the fact that I made it. I feel like Alice in a wonderland. In fact Yellowstone is like a safari… Basically you can go around and just occasionally go out and see the most amazing things and even what you see from the car is astonishing. Truth to be told I’m a little bit nervous about going out alone because of the bears. Anyway the nature, the Tower falls, the geysers and the scenery is breathtaking. And the tip of an iceberg is the wonderful free camping place I found in Idaho. I feel like a proper tramp, I managed to even have sort of a shower.

Day 24

Hot spring Prism of life

Another day full of geysers and hot springs. Also I met a whole heard of buffalos going through the parking lot. And then I went on a trail called elephant back. I met an amazing family on the trail and was talking to them the whole time. I got a lot of tips on what to see in Springfield and what to check on Mt. Rushmore. It was a really nice talk and I taught them how to say wolf in Czech (It’s „vlk“). Also I get some tips on wolf spotting from a ranger. He also said that there are 11 packs of wolfs in Yellowstone. Sadly I wasn’t able to spot them.

Day 25

Grizzly bears

Just driving through Yellowstone is an amazing experience and if you add a walk up to 10000 feet above the sea level than it is perfect. Mount Washburn offers so many amazing views and the reward for the 2 hours up is worth the time. Last geyser and waterfall, drink a tea and I’m on my way out. Yellowstone’s goodbey is just wonderfull. Two grizzly bears that I met on the road out of the park is a view worth of all the money. Next to the Yellowstone I met a helicopter that was putting down probably a fire. But me I’m just doing mile after mile again and I’m trying to find a place to sleep. It is pretty far, it’s dark already. I’m taking the first place possible to sleepover.

Day 26

Mount Rushmore

After some driving I arrived at Mount Rushmore. Definitely take the president walk around, it is a funny view from under the sculptures. Other than that there is also a nature trail. It is a nice thing to visit and see how this amazing memorial was made, but it’s time to go. More driving and again I was looking around to keep myself concentrated and to find a place to sleep. And I ended up at Badlands of South Dakota. Such an amazing place.

Day 27 & 28

Highway patrol car

It’s about a day ride to Illinoi so I’ve got plenty of time to see something that was not in my plans. So I visited Clark & Lawrence camp site on river Mississippi, Lake Minnesota, Czech village in Grand Rapids and Old fort Madison. Iowa rest areas are amazing. They are all covered with free internet connection, which is amazing. Also I set a record in fuel consumption. I managed to achieve 520 miles with 13 miles range left with just 10 gallons of fuel. On the road I also went around car crash accident, which was the first one I’ve seen here in USA so far. Also I may be crazy… I’m shouting burger on every cow I see near the road.

Day 29 & 30 & 31

Lincoln's tomb

Springfield is a town dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. You wont find anything connected to Simpsons, but all the things about president Lincoln are very interesting, which makes Springfield a good half day program. After that I drove closest as possible to Chicago to be able to sleep one last night in the car for free. Day 30 was a morning journey to Chicago, which took 2 hours instead of one that the navigation said. But I returned the car and spent the afternoon with Juno. After that it was time to get the bus to Washington DC. The journey to Washington took !7 hours during which the bus AC broke down, was repaired again, the bus driver get lost and in total the bus was almost 2 hours late.

Day 32

China town entrance

Because all the museums in Washington opens at 10 am at best I went through china part of town, around the theatres and I ended up next to White house, Apparently the president was leaving, which was quite a show. And then the rain started. And it was such a heavy rain that I had to get under the roof. So I went to the best burger so far here in USA (at five guys) and then into National Geographic museum and National archives.

Day 33

U.S. Capitol

The day started at United States Capitol in Washington DC. At the visitor center I was denied access due to having my own bottled drink. Haha so stupid. All the Washington is full of high security. I was checked and my bag like 10 times at least. Than I wanted to visit the Air & Space museum and again I was denied access due to multi tool in my bag. So I visited the National gallery of art, which is so huge that I will be able to spend the day just there. But I also been in Hirshhorn museum, Museum of African culture and in Natural museum. All of these are free and all the other Smithonisians museum in DC. Basically Washington is an amazing museum place with most of them close to each other.

Day 34

White House

Finally I made it into the Air&Space museum. I can say it’s less crowded in the morning. Anyway the museum is full of amazing space stuff and aircraft history and again you can spend a day there if you are into it. Also it has its own big McDonalds. After lunch there I went to the Lincoln’s memorial through the war memorial. I have also been to the Arlington cemetery, where Kennedy is buried. I also take subway to the Pentagon building, which is… well not worth it at all. There is only a memorial for the victims of terrorist attack. Also the building is too big to be captured in a single photo and also photographing is prohibited. In the end, around the White house and that’s it.

Day 35 – 39


After the 34 days you can imagine how tired I am. So I spent the whole visit in Atlantic city relaxing in bed with movies and of course on beach. Atlantic city has free beaches and the ocean temperature was fine and refreshing. Sometimes the ocean is a little bit messy with some ocean dead plants or whatever it was and the sand could be nicer. On the other the sand works as a peeling so… All in all I would love to spend more time in here on the beach, but sadly I have to go to the last stop, which is Philadelphia.

Day 40

River view

Philadelphia is probably more a night life stuff according to the wake up at 4 am, when several people came to the hostels room. In a single day I have been walking next to both rivers that flows around the city. The major thing is probably the liberty bell and independence hall, where the states independence was discussed and signed. During the afternoon I was wandering through the city. The city hall is amazing and also the city has several shopping streets. I managed to get some beautifull presents. And yeah thats pretty much it for today.

Day 41

Skyscrapers in Philly

Last day of exploring. It is so sad to write it, but it is true. I went out for the afternoon and I went through several pretty squares and roundabouts and ended up at Eastern State Penitentiary. Definitely would have gonna inside if I got 12$ extra, which was the student entrance fee. After that I get to the beautiful Philadelphia art museum building. Also went around the Schuylkill river. There are lots of boat houses and its a nice walk. I managed to get a nice picture on the Philly skyscrapers. I’m tired and I have to pack myself properly to get through the airport check. Caen out.

Day 42

Goodbye New York, goodbye USA. It’s been absolute plesure.
And Welcome home! Hi Europe. Hi Praha! Thanks sis. You are the best. I’m home!

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