How hard it is to film a video about Pokemon GO?

You might think that it’s no big deal to film a video from pokemon Go. All you need is to take a phone and start recording right? Nothing hard. How simple. You’re actually right, but when you dont have the top equipment, than so many wierd stuff can go wrong and it can take several hours before you figured it out or you wont be able to figure it out.

Koláž ze záběrů ve hře pokemon go.
Koláž ze záběrů ve hře pokemon Go.

And it all started so smooth. Downloaded a program for screen recording, the top rated one. I tried it on empty screen and it worked. So i started the Pokemons.

So i went to Podolí for a small pokemon hunt. The program looks fine and appear to be recording and so was I.Everything looked ok, i went to three pokemon gyms and went hope with a good feeling how great it went. On my way home i stopped at Dobeška which is not exactly on the way home but i will talk about it some other time.

At home i find out that i have nothing, absolutely nothing. The program didnt record a thing. So i found a new one and i was hopping to record something for you guys… Whoa, the pokemon servers are down. Thanks to Ddos attack i was unable to record a thing in the rest of saturday… Thanks a lot hackers.

Pokemon evolving

Today i was staying near a gym, recording and despite the fact that it looks unbelievable, the recording went wrong, again. All in all i end up with nothing usefull for a video, i think thats the gods are not in our favour. Or isn’t the fault in my old Sony Xperia L?

Caen Ragestorm

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