I’m busy, but I have so many plans

RebrandAs you may have noticed, I’m kinda bussy lately and sadly not with new content for the web… Tha main reason is that from a student I became a regular employee. Coming home from work and creating content is not an easy job for me. The other reason is also “lack” of motivation, respectively the desire to change and rethink my current work. But I got plans! What plans?

Goals, motivation… Rebranding

I would love to travel more and do more amateur photographing and with that present some gadgets that might be handy on my travels. Mainly I would like to make the web more simple and attractive for you dear readers. Also I would like to offer you the most interesting information as possible. All ideas, new design and plans necessarily needs a change…

Rebranding is a magical word under which you can hide pretty much every business change. For me it would be a new website, restructuralization of the whole content, new logo and so much more. But mainly it’s joy. Because I like what I’m doing. Travelling, photographing became a passion and websites are my hobby and writing is a way for me to never shut up.

Therefore I hope and asks for your patience and understanding. I will do my best to get back in early of 2018 with the new era.

Caen Ragestorm

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