Macha’s May

Late evening, on the first of May—
The twilit May—the time of love.

Purple flower in May

Karel Hynek Mácha is one of the famous Czech poets of the nineteen century. And on first of May many Czechs will remember him.

On first May according to Czech traditions, every women should be kissed under the blooming cherry to keep the girls from drying out over the year. With this holiday is also related the custom of Májka. Májka is a high tree decorated with wreaths and colored ribbons. This custom is also known in England, Ireland and Scotland. The Májka is supposed to stand in front of the window of your beloved girl or at square of the village. A funny custom between villages is the stealing of the Májka tree, but you can steel it only in the night from 1. to 2. May.
Not directly with first May are connected students feasts called Majálesy.

I don’t strictly follow all the Czech traditions, but I think that this one is worth to follow. So grab a girl and kiss her!

Blooming tree in May

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