Photobook from Saal Digitals – 8.5/10

I made my first photobook, which is thematically focused on how I fell in love with travelling and photographing and with all that it goes with it. I have designed the whole photobook and send it to the company called Saal Digital and I have to say that I’m very satisfied with how the book is made.

Photobook front page

In total I would give this company 8.5 points out of 10. Positives are the quality of the product, delivery speed and a handy software for creating the book…


The photobook with dimensions 19x19cm is very well made. It’s made from good materials, with realistic colors and glued pages and the whole book looks like a top product.

SW for creating photo products

Saal Digital company allows you to create the photo products through their websites or with their software. For creating the photobook, the SW is great. I can only criticize that the option to load the old projects is not very easy to be found, so that’s an interface flaw. Than I was unable to find color gradients and it would be also very nice to see which photos I have already used.

Payment, prices and delivery

The speed of delivery is awesome. The photobook was in my hands after 3 work days. For delivery I paid 119 Czech crowns (4.5 euro). Delivery is through PPL or DHL or other delivery companies and you can pay by card or through your PayPal account. The price of my photo book with dimensions 19×19 cm, with 28 pages, glossy and without the bar code (for removing the bar code you have to pay around 6 euro – 150 CZK) and with delivery was in total 1203 CZK, which is about 45 euro. It may sound like a big price, but the quality you get is worth it. But if you don’t want to spend so much money, you can wait for some discounts that Saal is providing for their products.
Prices of photobooks here: Saal Digital – Prices of photobooks

All in all I’m very happy and I can only recommend this company. If you would like to have this photobook feel free to contact me. Some pages of the photobook are under this article.

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