Travelbook USA – Now in progress

Niagara waterfallsSome of you may have noticed the new category on web called Travelbook USA full of actual content from traveling around USA. Actually I’m in Chicago.

Travelbook could be found HERE.

7 days in New York – What to see?

Map - New York CityNew York is a town that offers so much to visit. You are not able to visit everything just in 7 days in New York. Empire state building, Madison square garden, Times square, Central park, various museums and other interesting buildings, streets and squares. It is a lot to see.

I have a plan to be for 3 to 4 days on Manhattan, and than a day in Bronx, Queens and a day at Staten island. The rough layout of the plan looks like this:

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42 days in USA

Hands full with planning the trip of my life to the USA, also I was writing my diploma thesis, that is done now but still the plan of the trip is somehow done.

Map of USA roundtrip.

42 days in total. That’s what I have and in that time I plan to cover 5309 miles (8494 km). From Prague to New York and back by plane and then on my own. Where do I plan to stop during the trip?

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„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich