Croatia by boat – Pirate stories

It’s really cold outside so I went back in my memories to Croatia. Shots from the last two day can be expressed like this.
I wanna go back to that bay, build there a proper pirate hideout (something like Tortuga) and defend it to my last breath. Let’s call this place Port Caen and you all will be welcome here.

Btw we also went around Sibenik to the freshwater lake Prokljan. I couldn’t believe it, but we really get from sea to the lake and swim in it.

35 hours in Croatia

What can you do in such a little time you may ask? Believe it or not but a lot. We were in three tourist destinations, we were at beach for about 6 hours and we have visited the Pula amphitheatre.

We started in Prague at 22:00. The journey takes about 10 hours. I strongly do not recommment to drive around Salzburg. The tax for the tunel is huge and on the Croatia border you may meet a little asshole that will ask for so many bullshit regardless you are in Shengen. If you wanna take some similar trip, I recommend starting in Friday after lunch, book some night sleep close to the final destination so you dont have to sleep after lunch.

Croatia for weekend

Only a crazy person can travel to Croatia just for a weekend. And with me i had two other crazy buddies. In those two days there we were able to visit Pula, Fazanj and Rovinj. Also we were able to enjoy so much fun in the see and during the whole epic trip.

Pula amphitheatre
Pula amphitheatre.

I was able to do some vloging, but in czech so sorry. Feel free to translate them or wait for video from the whole trip. Subscribe my youtube or facebook, if you wanna get more.