First steps with Nikon D3300

Nikon is with me for a while now and we are getting to know each other. If it is going well or not is a question that you can judge.

Macro photography of roses
Macro photography of roses from the garden of Czech university of life science (CZU).

It is true, that this is actually my first macro photography, but I’m kinda learning by doing. I have taken couple more photos there, despite the fact i was shooting on automatics at the start according to the next pictures.

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Quiz photo

While I was browsing through photos from last year, I found a couple of great shots taken that year. Can you guess at what time of season was the next photography taken?

Garden photo
Photo of a garden in holy days.

A small hint, it has not been taken in summer, but it was taken in the days of peace and quiet. The correct answer can be found in the article.

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