Prokop’s valley – View on Barrandov

One of my favourite places in Prague is Prokop’s valley. Here you can find some rest, you can also do some barbecue or you can find some refreshement in local stalls. To find some calm place you have to go off the main road that goes through the park. But it’s worth it if you prefer to rest without being disturbed.

Road - Prokop's valley

Prokop’s valley is quite large and frequently visited, but most of the visitors stays on the main road…

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Finding a piece of nature in Prague

Summer is here, temperature is rising and the nature is calling me every minute. So where can you find a piece of nature in Prague? Parks or woods, let’s say Háje towards Milíčovský les (forest). You can go on your own foot or on bicycle, both is fine. And this piece of nature in Prague is quite near the metro station (line C). Such a forest in such a weather is showing so much beauty.


You just have to look…

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Prague castle – a funny visit of Prague inhabitant

Prague castle belongs to one of the most visited Prague monuments. And once in a while even a Prague inhabitant finds the time to visit this boast of Prague. It took me around ten years to visit the Prague castle again… And when the weather is nice than the visit is even better.

Prague castle - St. Vitus Cathedral

But to get there these days you have to go through an entrance checkup. Still it could be funny to talk to the policeman.

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„Proti hluposti se bojovat musí, ale vyhrát se nedá!“ Jan Werich