7 days in New York – What to see?

Map - New York CityNew York is a town that offers so much to visit. You are not able to visit everything just in 7 days in New York. Empire state building, Madison square garden, Times square, Central park, various museums and other interesting buildings, streets and squares. It is a lot to see.

I have a plan to be for 3 to 4 days on Manhattan, and than a day in Bronx, Queens and a day at Staten island. The rough layout of the plan looks like this:

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Prague castle – a funny visit of Prague inhabitant

Prague castle belongs to one of the most visited Prague monuments. And once in a while even a Prague inhabitant finds the time to visit this boast of Prague. It took me around ten years to visit the Prague castle again… And when the weather is nice than the visit is even better.

Prague castle - St. Vitus Cathedral

But to get there these days you have to go through an entrance checkup. Still it could be funny to talk to the policeman.

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New apartments – Could it cost that much?

In Prague in Pankrac the new apartments are being finnished and i was able to take a shot of the building in October.

Apartments Pankrac
Newest apartments for sale in Prague in Pankrac.

But somehow the prices are quite huge. I was reading the price in a magazine and the price for 1+kk (42,66 m2) is 4 milions czech crowns. But the building looks nice right?

Night at Karlštejn

Karlštejn is probably one of the most visited castle in Czech Republic. But that applies to summer. I went there to the castle in winter when finally everywhere was snow and Karlštejn thanks to that offers an unusual perspective.

Female dog and Karlštejn
Under the Karlštejn’s walls.

And not only that, I also took on Karlštejn women with me (Old times legend that women were banned to entry the castle). I even persuaded them both to go along the castle walls, where the not really a road was narrow and completely covered with ice and snow and next to it, there was only a hillside. Contrary to what comes next it was still an ok footpath.

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