Adventure in Badlands – What can go wrong

SkullWhat bad can possibly happen in Badlands you might be asking? It’s such an amazing piece of nature near american highway nr. 94 in South Dakota… And next to visitor center. Funny thing is that I ran into Badlands just because I was passing around a rest area. Somehow it was a national park. But this story is definetaly one of the best of my whole trip to USA.

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Niagara falls – Tips and prices

If you’re travelling and you like nature, Niagara Falls are one of the places you should visit. Not only because a lot of people do so, but because Niagara Falls are quite an amazing natural phenomenon. And of course, it’s such a lovely place either from American or Canadian site. How to get to the waterfalls, when you don’t have a car and you don’t want to pay overprized accommodation?

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7 days in New York – What to see?

Map - New York CityNew York is a town that offers so much to visit. You are not able to visit everything just in 7 days in New York. Empire state building, Madison square garden, Times square, Central park, various museums and other interesting buildings, streets and squares. It is a lot to see.

I have a plan to be for 3 to 4 days on Manhattan, and than a day in Bronx, Queens and a day at Staten island. The rough layout of the plan looks like this:

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Car rental USA

Renting a car can be easy for the first look but if you want to save some money and you don’t want to get confused with all sort of car rental finders, you have to be careful and be able to read through the details and dig deep into the finders.

Car rental companies logos

Or you can go through my notes while I was picking a rental car…

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