Finding a piece of nature in Prague

Summer is here, temperature is rising and the nature is calling me every minute. So where can you find a piece of nature in Prague? Parks or woods, let’s say Háje towards Milíčovský les (forest). You can go on your own foot or on bicycle, both is fine. And this piece of nature in Prague is quite near the metro station (line C). Such a forest in such a weather is showing so much beauty.


You just have to look…

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Old PC vs modern TV

I’m enjoying the whole apartment for myself so I had an idea to connect my PC to the TV in the living room. Because i didn’t want to move my PC that I use regularly to the living room, I decided to take out my old friend from my childhood.

In short sentence, it wasn’t plug&play. First i have to find all cables, connect them, then connect it to the internet, then update all what was necessary, than restart it and suddenly?

Windows XP on modern TV
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Hungary games – 3 days in Budapest

As I notified we went for a Trip to Hungary to Budapest. If you want a summary in one sentence I would say: Budapest is amazing, but Hungarians are driving like maniacs! I have never seen such a kamikaze on the highway. Anyway back to Budapest. Despite the fact that some city sights are relatively “new”, the city has a nice atmosphere, it acts refreshing and in the colors of autumn it’s a feast for the eyes. Forints are also nice. 10000 forints bank-note for just 33 euros?

I have so much to show and a few tips for some amazing places to say so let’s continue reading.

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