What’s what and how is it gonna be?

Its been a while since the last post and the reason is that I was at at least 30 job interviews and I was picking the right new job and the path, that my life will be going now. But let’s talk about what is going to appear here in the next few weeks…

From United States I brought back so many experiences and even more photos. And photos with all the funny stories that goes with them will be whats coming on this blog. There is so many of them, mostly funny, but also some adventurous and I would love to share them with You.
I used to post videos, which I have to admit will be off the table for a while. I dont have the time and also not the mood to do them now, so I will focus on photographing. If you have any questions or if there is anything else on your mind about USA or anything else, feel free to write me, ask here or on facebook. And yeah, USA was epic! So stay tuned.

Night sky

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