Winter sunrise above the quarry Great America

The Great America quarry is a frequently visited place. But not everybody goes there in winter and snow and almost no one goes there to see the sunrise. So I find myself there at half past six in the morning completely alone and it was so beautiful. And the sunrise?

Sunrise above the quarry
Sunrise above the quarry Great America

Well there was no sunrise. So it end up as an amazing walk around the quarry and I took some more pictures.

The walk was purifying for my head, so that’s a tip for you. Because such a walk in snow around such a nice environment is just so nice. Moreover I was able to do an amazing drive by my car there. Roads were clear and snowy and in the night it was pure enjoyment from the ride, which could confirm every passionate petrol head. But back to the pictures I took. The weather was awful for photo shooting, due to poor light conditions so I had to modify the photos in my computer.

The Great America quarry
The Great America quarry

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